Sports Massage

Sports Massage

A highSportsMAssage2ly effective treatment for clients in running clubs, that visit the gym regularly or compete in sports teams. Vigorous rubbing techniques are used to warm up muscle tissue. Long, deep strokes – through large muscle groups such as the quads and gluteals – can help eliminate toxins and lactic acid from the body.


Training to improve sporting or physical performance means that you are always working your muscles harder and harder, so even with regular stretching and warming up they are likely to become tight and sore. This usually results in the repetitive use of one group of muscles. These tight muscles are more susceptible to both acute muscle pull injuries, and overuse injuries. Those muscles not used also change as the dynamics of the body alter. Muscles lose their flexibility so for each stride you take you move less far and therefore take longer to cover the ground.

Regular massage can:

• Increase flexibility and prevent pulls, tears and overuse injuries
• Reduce recovery time
• Reduce muscle soreness from and enhance performance
• Reduce scar tissue from an old injuries that restrict movement or cause pain
• Speed up recovery from recent injury and the formation of scar tissue prevented.
• Helps prevent overuse injuries
• Treats musculo-skeletal injury

Massage can be used up to 3 days before an event for conditioning. Massage is stimulating, superficial and fast paced to encourage that feel of being physically ready for any event.

Post event is used to reduce effects of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), minimise swelling and speed up recuperation time.

If you have any injuries or trauma massage is avoided in those areas, you can use ice massage to reduce the effects of any inflammation as long as there is no open wound.


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