Incorporates several specialised massage techniques to locate and help ease muscle stiffness and tension in the body. Firm, remedial massage is the best treatment for freeing up adhesions (little knots) in muscles, stretching out strained / tightened muscles and just giving your body a “wake-up” call for the rest of the week. See more

Sports – Deep Tissue Massage

A highSportsMAssage2ly effective treatment for clients in running clubs, that visit the gym regularly or compete in sports teams. Vigorous rubbing techniques are used to warm up muscle tissue. Long, deep strokes – through large muscle groups such as the quads and gluteals – can help eliminate toxins and lactic acid from the body.  See more


Relaxation massage photoA full body massage with lots of sweeping and gliding techniques from the head to the feet. Acupressure meridians are stimulated through the arms and legs and down the sides of the body, as well as key hot spots in the back of the neck, face and scalp. See more


health-concerns-of-the-pregnant-athlete-2228Being pregnant isn’t easy and a baby on the way is often a massive toll on your body, especially your back and that’s why through professional training we are able to bring you a safe and professional pregnancy massage. One hour massage with all the right ingredients to promote calmness for you and your unborn baby and at the same time creating harmony in your ever changing body. We will set you up on the table so that your comfort is paramount. It will help those tired back muscles. Using only safe techniques and baby friendly oils, we believe your comfort is paramount.

Only available to mums in the 2nd and 3rd Trimester. See more

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