Your First Treatment

When you arrive you will be asked to complete our “new client form” which only takes a couple of minutes. This helps us to get a better understanding of your preferences, priorities and injury background.

Save time and Print your form now: If you would like to save yourself some time please feel free to print it and bring it along so you don’t have to arrive early for your first appointment

I will then take a history to gain a better understanding of any injury and/or the condition of your range of motion and then agree on what areas take the most priority for treatment today

You will remain draped at all time a towel will cover your body for privacy.

Depending on your condition you may require a treatment plan to be put in place. This could be weekly visits, monthly or bi-monthly visits dependent on your individual needs.

After your treatment it is advised to drink extra water usually 2 or so glasses is enough. After a Remedial Treatment I also recommend using electric salts or epsom salts to bath in as it help muscles recover from the treatment.

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