Corporate Massage

What is it?

A chair massage is a type of body work performed while the subject is sitting in a special chair. It allows him to lean forward so his neck, back and shoulders are easy for the therapist to reach, as these are the areas of concentration. The Holistic Online website explains that chair massages are done while the person is fully clothed, and they don’t use cream or oil.  Usually in 10 or 15 minute seated massages.

What are the benefits to our staff?

–          Reduction in fatigue levels
–          Increase in feeling of belonging toward the organisation
–          Improves employee motivation
–          Educates employees on how they can be healthier using exercises on job or at home


What can it do for our organisation?


–          Reduce absences due to musculo skeletal pain due to work place practices
–          Improve overall health of employees
–          Reduction in employee perception of stress
–          Pro-active management of health & safety
–          Healthy employees more productive than unhealthy


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