Baby Massage

Baby massage has been used to stimulate their growing immune and nervous systems and provides critical emotional nourishment for both mother/ father and baby.
Preparing for the massage
• The room should be warm and free from drafts.
• Sorbolene, Baby oil or olive oil can be used
• Use soft warm towels
Massaging your child
• Talk to your child, let them know they are going to have a massage, encourage them to relax by using comforting touch
• Place baby in the position he or she is most comfortable (tummy or back)
• Warm the oil in your hands
• Using long gentle strokes start from the shoulders downwards, remember to keep talking to baby “does that feel good, I am massaging your shoulders” By using the words of the body parts you are massaging the child is also taking in information about their own bodies.
• Turn baby over and massage the other side.
• With your thumbs make gentle circular movements over the palms of baby’s hands. With your fingertips make circular stokes up the back.
What to Avoid
• Don’t massage on the top of babies head as the cranial bones are not yet fused.
• Don’t massage over genital areas or the anus.
• Don’t press firmly on the spine or do any twisting movements

Self Massage

Although no way as effective or relaxing as receiving a massage, self massage is an excellent way for you to reduce tension during work hours or when you cannot make it to a Massage Therapist. No oil is required.
Head Massage
• Place fingers on your head and move your fingers around in a firm circular motion don’t forget to move to the front of your head and around the back to the hairline.
• Tapping your head with the tips of your fingers may relieve any tension
• Use gentle strokes across your eyebrows and forehead – then press your fingertips across the bridge of your nose moving across to your ears using a sweeping stroke
Shoulder Massage
• Press down using fingertips in a circular motion across the top of your shoulders
• Then use whole hand and stoke across your shoulders
Lower back
• Sitting on a chair sideways using flat palms make circular motions over the lower back
• Deeper massage can be achieved by lying on a tennis ball and moving around (be careful not to rub your spine with the ball.
Arms & Hands
• Starting at your wrist squeeze the arm, then continue to do this up the arm.
• Using your finger make long strokes up to arm to the elbow.
• Make circular with your thumb on your palm.
• Make a fist and make stroking movement across the whole palm.
• Using the both hand and squeeze from your feet to the top of your leg.
• Use pressing & circular strokes over the feet with thumbs.